Reverse-acting grate Vario - MARTIN

A flexible grate-based combustion system which can be adjusted to the varying requirements of
the fuels has proven to be an ideal solution to this problem. MARTIN’s latest development, the
reverse-acting grate Vario, is one of the most innovative products available globally on the
market for this purpose.

Saretco offers quick replacement of grate bars for MARTIN reverse-acting grate Vario furnaces

SARETCO’s R&D department has innovated numerous solutions to deal with the operator’s
daily problems that can be faced at the factories of Martin designed and constructed Waste-to-
Energy plants.

Example: IPALLE, Belgium


4 lines Martin, 16T/h (2 from year 2002 and 2
from year 2012).
Average LHV 2800 KCal/kg (10,5 MJ/kg)
(peaks up to 3000 kCal/kg) but with specific
fuel share :
- Industrial waste 56%
- Municipal waste 27%
- Hospital waste 15%
- Sludge 2%

  • Problem met by customer : Martin grate not meet operating conditions
  • SARETCO solution : SAR2 grate implemented in 2004, 8400h/year operating w/o any intervention
  • Innovation provided by Saretco: Saretco Sar2
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