Moving grate furnace design and manufacturing

Saretco offers large amount of spare parts for industrial boilers and waste to energy plants.
Currently we have stock over 5,000 pieces indexed. Our warehouse in France allow fast delivery
anywhere in the world. Parts are interchangeable and compatible with major market brands.

70 % of the Saretco’s turnover is the work associated with the waste incineration plants of the
following brands

  • Martin incinerators
  • Steinmüller Babcock Environment
  • Babcock & Wilcox

Martin incinerators

Waste to energy technology manufacturer, MARTIN GmbH – general contractor, supplier of
components for new waste to energy plants worldwide.

The core component of these plants – combustion grates are designed and constructed in detail
by MARTIN. The grate systems used are the:

  • ABB Horizontal grate
  • Martin Reverse-acting grate Vario
  • Martin Reverse-acting grate SITY 2000

Steinmüller Babcock Environment


Moving grate systems used:

  • Babcock Borsig (Noell/K+K)
  • Babcock Borsig (Steinmüller)

B&W Vølund incinerators


Combustion grates:

  • DynaGrate® - previously named BS teknik
  • Vølund grate

Each grate is available in both water-cooled and air-cooled designs. Saretco recommends
mostly works with air-cooled system.

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